photo copy       Doors why are we so fascinated by them?

  Is it the element of  surprise as to what lies on the other side?  Do we wonder who if any are allowed in?

How many do we close on ourselves? How many do we hide behind?

photo 1 (1)photo 2 copy

photo-4 copy 2Are they entrances begging us to come forth or are they holding us back?  How often do we realize we hold the key to the doors that hold us back?  Why are we attracted, is it their strength…their adornments…the possibilities they represent?

photo-4 copy 4




 Are they for privacy or just to keep others out?  Do we open them to reach out to others or do we slam them in faces?  How many do we freely walk through?  How many have we walked through without noticing?  Do the doors of your life open easily or is it a constant struggle?  Are you often misplacing your key? Do you know why you want what is on the other side?

Are you avoiding what is on the other side?  The only way to know what is Really there is to take Your Key and open (3) copy 2photo-3 copy



” You ARE the Keeper of the Keys!”